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Workgroup PDM, Reporting, and Speedpak

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Jun 29, 2011

I am using SW2011 with SP3.


We found an anomoly in the software relating to reporting in Workgroup PDM on an assembly with speedpak. I wanted to document its behavior here. I have only tested this one assembly so additional confirmation might be in order.


We have an assembly with multiple configurations; one of which is a speedpak. The speedpak required updating. When the file was saved after the update, the speedpak configuration was active. The assembly was checked back into the vault.


Next we used the reporting tool in Workgroup PDM. When this assembly was selected the report only had one line item in the output window. This line item was for the top level assembly only. It made no difference which configuration we selected to report on.


We re-opened the assembly, changed the active configuration to one other than the speedpak, resaved and checked the assembly back into the vault. This time reporting with the same settings provided the full assembly structure in the output window.