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Change from dual quad core processors to dual dual core processors?

Question asked by James Dillner on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by James Dillner

Yesterday Solidworks 2010 locked up on me.  When I brought up Task Manager, I could see that only one of 8 processors was 100% and the rest were doing nothing.  This led me to thinking that maybe I should get rid of the 2 Xeon X5355 quad cores and change to 2 Xeon L5248 dual core processors.  This is all installed in a Dell Precision 690, by the way.  My reasoning is that it would be better to be using 1/4 of the computers computing power rather than 1/8th.


I have read that Solidworks does not take advantage of the multi core processors, so this seems to make sense to me.  Plus the other processor uses about half the power or less.


Any comments or suggestions on this?