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    saving dxf why lines

    john brace

      hi all again i have had some really good help from you on here things i didnt know like dissolving text and fit splines really speeds up things

      but when i save a part to dxf i get nothing but streight lines thats after dissolve text and fit to spline a circle is one entity where as an oval is

      hundreds of lines joined why would a circle be one and ovel be lots i export this to a program curve cut whitch saves it as g code

      please have a look at the file i sent i did some fit to spline but the small text is just a mess

      thank you all

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          Anna Wood



          That is what you get when you dissolve text.  Bunches of short line segments.  It is a function of how text linework is created compared to the CAD line data.


          Nothing you can do to change that.


          Most CAM systems do not deal well with splines.  They need straight line segments and true radii and diameters.


          That is why text is a royal pain in the arse to work with in many CAD systems.





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              john brace

              thanks anna

              i see what your saying about fonts lot of my work is engraving  in wood at the momant i save as a dxf then ann new layer and spline around my work

              but why do i get long streight lines when i draw a arc but dont happen in a circle meaning i can delete a circle with 1 click but an arc is made up of lots of lines

              i have to draw it as a part as it seems i cannot open a drawing/dxf and put fonts in them (font always grayed out)

              thanks for your help john

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                  Scott McFadden

                  Hi John,

                  Anna is right.  When you are going from one system to another, each program

                  is written in code a certain way, performing in the background to give you what

                  each command is advertised to give you.  When you convert to another program

                  it too is written in code, but different.  So it translates and makes educated guesses

                  as to what it thinks you are looking for with the tools it has.  As you are seeing it

                  has to give you lines (a lot of them) in order not to mess with the overall integrity

                  of your file.  It is what it is.  I too have experienced this and the biggest pains

                  like Anna mentioned are text and splines.  Circles are easy round with no ends

                  at a specific location.  Nothing rocket science about them.

                  Hopefully this helps a little and makes some sense.