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    IGES file wrong scale

    Mark Greenwell



      Could someone have a look at the attached IGES file.


      I want to know if after importing into SolidWorks this multi part is at correct scale.


      This Assembly was saved out as an IGES file direct from X-Steel.


      However when I import this file into SolidWorks i have noticed that the scale is wrong.


      Instead of being 9000mm long it is only measuring 900mm, so it all wants scaling up by a factor of 10.


      However when I go insert - features - scale, and select bodies and give it  a scale factor of 10 the multi body explodes.


      Some parts scale while other do not.


      I have used IGES files from X-Steel quiet a lot and have never had any problems until now.

      I have never had to scale IGES files before they have always imported at 1:1


      If someone opens up this IGES file and the length is 900mm rather than 9000mm then I will know that there has been an error in how it was saved out by X-Steel.

      However if the scale is correct then there is an error on my computer, possibly a changed setting.




      Mark (SolidWorks 2011 sp4)

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          Deepak Gupta

          I can say that there has been some issues while exporting this file from X-Steel. I've checked with changing the import options for IGES but result is same.

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            Hi Mark,


            Not sure if you know this, but when you import the IGES file, in the open file dialog, there is an options button that allows you to change the unit values. It could be that the unit is wrong while importing to your SW default template. You can use the open IGES options to possibly rectify this.





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              John Picinich

              Check the import conversion report that was created when you opened the IGES file.


              I found this tidbit of pertinent data:

                    SolidWorks Corporation - IGES Processor Status Report
              WARNING: Data is out of the modeler's bounding box [-500m, 500m]. The original conversion unit was ignored.
              General Information
              Sending System Product I.D.  : Open CASCADE IGES processor 5.2
              Receiving System Product I.D.:
              File Name                    : Filename.iges
              Sending System               : Open CASCADE 5.2
              Preprocessor Version         : Open CASCADE IGES processor 5.2
              File Creation Date           : 20110629.093734
              Model Creation Date          : 20110629.093734
              Units                        : MM
              Model Space Scale            : 1
              Author                       : steve
              Organization                 :

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                Doug Seibel

                When I open the iges file in SW,  I get the same thing you do...900mm instead of 9000mm.


                When I open it in Rhinoceros (an old surfacing software that we have here, comes in handy often) it comes in 9000mm long.  But for some reason I cannot get any export out of Rhino to import into SW (they all come into SW empty).