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Configuration & model dimension question

Question asked by Jamie Lill on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by Jamie Lill


I have a part with 12 configurations in a drawing. There are  4 views in the drawing front ,top, right and ISO.

The views are linked to the master view

I have imported the dimensions from the solid into the drawing.

When I am in the drawing and  I change configurations from my primary window and all the widows update atomatically except the iso view.


Question 1) How do I get the iso view to update


Question 2)I have a length dimension that is imported when I change configurations and try to change the dimension I get the message

"Can only edit dimensions in the active configuration"


I do not want to go into the model and change the configuration to match the drawing every time I change dimension lengths from different configs in the drawing.


Is there a way around this, has sombody created a macro or a vba file or is it just a setting?




Jamie Lill