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Importing DWG's into Sheet Format

Question asked by Jesse Jensen on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by Jesse Jensen

Hello everyone.  I need your help yet again!


We have a huge library of dwg weld details that we usually insert into AutoCad.  I would like to import these into my SW sheet.


Now before I get to far ahead of myself... I can get them to import.  However I am running into some issues.


1.  When in the DXF/DWG Import - Drawing Layer Mapping, it shows me a black space with a red square in it.  The dwg I want to import is way off in space.  So I can grab it and pull it into the box (the sheet size).  But thats all I have to line this thing up.  Is there a way to see the Sheet I am working on so I do not drop this on other things in the sheet.


2. Ok I have the block imported.  Now as in #1, It needs to be moved since I could not see the sheet layout.  If and when it lets me select all the entities,  and I go to move it, some parts do not come with it like the hatch marks etc.  Is there a fix for this?  I would like to set all of these up or have a easy way to import these into our drawings as we go forward with Solidworks.


Thanks for the help ahead of time!