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    Importing DWG's into Sheet Format

    Jesse Jensen

      Hello everyone.  I need your help yet again!


      We have a huge library of dwg weld details that we usually insert into AutoCad.  I would like to import these into my SW sheet.


      Now before I get to far ahead of myself... I can get them to import.  However I am running into some issues.


      1.  When in the DXF/DWG Import - Drawing Layer Mapping, it shows me a black space with a red square in it.  The dwg I want to import is way off in space.  So I can grab it and pull it into the box (the sheet size).  But thats all I have to line this thing up.  Is there a way to see the Sheet I am working on so I do not drop this on other things in the sheet.


      2. Ok I have the block imported.  Now as in #1, It needs to be moved since I could not see the sheet layout.  If and when it lets me select all the entities,  and I go to move it, some parts do not come with it like the hatch marks etc.  Is there a fix for this?  I would like to set all of these up or have a easy way to import these into our drawings as we go forward with Solidworks.


      Thanks for the help ahead of time!



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          Jesse Jensen

          C'mon guys, someone must have done this before??

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              Scott McFadden

              Ok Jessie,

              I have done this before.  My first thought is it sounds like if your drawing is out in space

              that the lower left corner is not at 0,0


              Also, have you ever used Draftsight?  The new free downloadable 2D software from Solidworks?

              You might want to for bringing in these Autocad drawings.

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                  Jesse Jensen

                  Hey Scott,


                  Yea I have and use Draftsight.  I guess I do not understand how that will benefit me in importing the dwg's?  From what I see its just like Autocad.  Or is there something in the program that does something different?

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                      Scott McFadden

                      Ok, that is good, maybe.


                      Let me ask you this.  Do you plan on making models of these autocad drawings?  and thus

                      creating new solidworks drawings?

                      I ask because where I work now we have autocad drawings and solidworks.  When we need to

                      make a major change we use the paper autocad drawings to make out solidworks models and thus

                      to create new solidworks drawings.  We don't import he ACAD drawings into solidworks.


                      If all you are looking to do is just get the autocad drawings into solidworks just so you have a software

                      to update them with then I would recommend using the draftsight.  Because, like you said almost

                      mirrors autocad.

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                          Jesse Jensen

                          No the dwg's I want to import into the sheets will not be made into parts.  They are only for shop details such as the one that is attached here.  Its a Weld detail.  And we have hundreds of details like this that we use.  I really do not want to recreate the wheel, just be able to drop these into the sheet around my solidworks drawings to provide the details we need depending on the vessel.

                          I can get them to drop into the sheet, but can not move them off to the side without losing some entities of the dwg.  Well I do not lose them, they just stay put.

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                              Jesse Jensen

                              Could it be possible that Solidworks does not recognize the Hatch as a block?  And that is why I am losing the entity when I move it?

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                                Anna Wood

                                I would be creating SolidWorks Blocks out of all those dwgs.


                                Yes, it will take lots of time....  Just like when you first created them all in AutoCAD the first time.  You will be able to leverage your current dwg data.


                                You can add all those blocks to your SolidWorks Design Library.  Be sure to create the library out on the network and path all your users to it under System Options > File Locations > Design Library.  You have all the files someplace on your network currently.  You will create the same type of file/directory structure for the SolidWorks Blocks and path to them under the System Options.


                                Then you can drag the blocks out of your Design Library to easily place and move around on your drawings.


                                Looks like you will need to go into each dwg and set the WCS zero to a logical location in your dwg so the block imports nicely.  Add a point into your dwg at 0,0,0 and move your data to it while in the dwg in Draftsight.  Then import into a SolidWorks slddrw file.  Then select all and create a Block.


                                Basic idea is to get your weld data as clean as possible in DraftSight or your old seat of AutoCAD BEFORE you try to bring into a SolidWorks slddrw.  Then create your block and add it to your design library.


                                Do it as you need them and it will not be to long before you have them all converted.  There are probably only a small number that you use like 80% of the time I suspect.


                                There is no automagic way to set it up.  You will need to develop and process, then plow through what you have to get them into an easy to use format to bring into your SolidWorks drawings.





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                        Brian Place

                        If I remember correctly, there is a check box in the import to sheet to center it on the page???