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Previewing files in explorer view preview tab

Question asked by Walter Bednarz on Jun 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Kurt Lundstedt

I am new to Enterprise PDM. I configured a vault and have a vault view set up with users. I would like to view .mm files in the preview window.


Currently, I changed the users settings to automatically add .mm files to the vault when saved to the vault and I added Freemind.exe as a viewer. All I get is the text from the .mm file to show up in the preview tab. When I click on View File it opens it in Freemind. Can the Preview Tab show the file?


Thanks in advance.


Windows 7 Pro 64bit

EPDM 2011 64bit SP3

00 add file setting.jpg


01 viewer setting.jpg


02 Vault view.jpg