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Broken Client Install

Question asked by Scott Douglas on Jun 24, 2011

Got another a strange on here.Trying to install editor client on Windows 7 machine. User has installed x64 edrawings. I invoke the installer and get almost done and enterprise stops when it can't find the edrawings.msi file. Fine I get the .msi file and point enterprise to the file when the installer asks for location. The installer complains about not the correct package type. Ok I cancel out, figuring I will just uninstall eDrawings- reboot-then install enterprise.


When I try to uninstall eDrawings i get the same thing, complaints from Windows uninstaller and the edrawings.msi file. I also tried a utility I found to force uninstall without .msi. Same issue.


What the hell?  I am ready to pull the Re-Image the machine rip cord and be done.


Any one have any thoughts. How to install enterprise with comand line switches NOT to try and uninstall eDrawings?