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DXF Color Scheme Problems

Question asked by Dmitry Petrashen on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by Dmitry Petrashen

Hi Guys,


I have a question regarding saving drawings in DXF format.




I recently starting using SW2011 at work. When I first tried to save a Solidworks drawing in DXF format from my machine (SW 2011 / Win7 x64) and then open it in eDrawings (what our shop guys use) the background was Black, the detailing was Dark Purple (barely visible), and the model lines were White. Since its almost impossible to see the dimensions with this color scheme they could not use them.


I checked the eDrawings settings with regard to color schemes and found that you can only controll the color of the "paper" and the color of the background behind the "paper" and not the model/title block lines or annotation color (just mark up color).


I checked the options for saving DXF files in SW and also did not find any color scheme settings.


I then proceeded to try saving the drawing as DXF with various available options. "Version" which for some reason is set to R2000-2002 by default, I tried 2010. "Line Styles", I tried switching between AUTOCAD and SW options, etc.


I am not sure what I did but something made the lines turn Dark Purple. I then changed the paper color to White and the drawing was readable.


When I tried to change the DXF save settings to figure out how I did it I was unable to make the model lines White again and hence unable to figure out what changed them to Dark Purple.


When my coworker attempted to open the DXF files on his system, in eDrawings, that I saved with DXF save setting "Version: R2010" he got an error and nothing was opened; while I was able to open and view it (White paper / Dark Purple model lines and title block). When he attempted to open the files I saved with DXF save setting "Version: R2000-2002" they opened but the paper color was Dark Purple and the model lines were White; while the same DXF file opened on my machine looking normal (White paper / Dark Purple model lines and title block).


I tried changing the layer color of the layer the dimensions are on, in the SLDDRW drawing, but it does not seem to transfer over. Once saved as DXF when I open in eDrawings the lines are always Dark Purple now.




My question is how do I save a SW drawing in DXF format so the model and title block lines are Black, and in a way that will open on other people machines; at this point I am a little lost.