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tga files saved don't represent render window...

Question asked by Tom Arthur on Jun 23, 2011

Something very weird is going on.... i've got a walkthough using the 'camera along path %' method, which generally works very well for us. I've just started saving frame by frame tga files instead of avi, so that we have more processing control over compression/speed etc. However, for some reason at the moment the saved files are all the same, as if the camera view has failed to change. This has happened before, although generally the cause is linked to camera view settings within the motion study interface. However, if you sit and watch the PV360 render window as each frame renders out, it definitely does move. As in, each frame is rendered differently but saved somehow identical to the first frame of the series (all 300 of them over 3 days!)

Any ideas what is going on here?

Thanks in advance