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Custom properties help

Question asked by Mike Dowsett on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by Vikas Garg



New user here and having some problems with rather some kind of bug in solidworks/excel or trouble understanding myself.


I am trying to create our new companies drawing sheets. Since i only have to make the sheet once i thought i would add a few extra bits of info.


I am trying to create a custom property for:






I have made all three custom properties and the table currently looks like this:


1) Weight           Text           "SW-Mass@PART1.SLDASM"                    159.30

2) Material          Text          "SW-Material@PART1.SLDASM"             Material<Not Specified>

3) Finish             Text          -                                                                         -


I dont know where the figure has come from for the weight. Im not sure why the materal is telling me its not specified when i have set all these properties in the part file drawing. Also i do not get any drop down options for the Finish.


Can any one help me out or help me understand where i am going wrong.




Solidworks 2011, SP0, Excel 2010,Win7.