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Spiral Coil with Angle Iron Supports

Question asked by David Cook on Jun 22, 2011

I'm using SW 2010 SP4.


I'm trying to make a spiral coil (using a helix) that fit vertically inside a tank.  The supports are angle iron on the outside of the coil with u-bolts to catch and support the coil.


The end user and my customer are having difficulty in deciding where the inlet and outlet of the coil is in relation to the tank and outside piping.  Since the coil has to have a vertical leg to allow for access through a manway in the side of the tank, rotating the coil to avoid the manway is causing me problems.  As the coil is rotated, the distance on the support angle from the tank floor to the first turn of the coil changes.


I've tried drawing the support angle in context in the assembly, but I'm having trouble relating a point on the helix (to fix the height) to the centerline of the first u-bolt on the support angle.


Right now, I'm using convert entities on the helix to put it on the same sketch as the support angle (using a structural member).  This puts a spline on the sketch that I can split (using split entities) and then draw a line related to the split point.


This just seems cumbersome considering that I have 12 supports to do.  The coil is 20 ft in diameter and 14 turns high on a 12 inch pitch.  The coil is made in an upper and lower section with the supports being bolted together for assembly in the tank.


Does anyone have ideas about a better way to do this?