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Decal - Missing Image - Consistant Problem

Question asked by Jonathan Ridley on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by Jonathan Ridley

I have been working with SW for over three years now and have collected many graphic images, parts and assemblies. I am finding as my hardware changes and I setup a new hard drive and data location that I have to deal with the "missing image" error all to often.


To organize around this as much as possible, and eliminate at least one click for every decal I apply, I created one folder for all decals. This works ok but I still find that when I use old parts the old paths are still there and SW does not automatically search for these files in the new locations, even though I have added them to the File locations / reference document, Search Path, and Custom-Decals.


How can I best organize and adjust these settings so I do not have to find the missing decals? My VAR(Non-V) does not really have any good suggestions.