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File Reference in a Cavity Feature - Why Can't EPDM Find It?

Question asked by Brian Kelly on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by Kurt Lundstedt

We recently installed SW EPDM and are now saving files into the vault and establishing a data management system.  Typically what we do is save the assemblies that we want into the vault and that brings all the lower assemblies and parts into the vault as well.  It is easier than saving each part separately.  This method is not always perfect as you have to find files that somehow get delinked.  But is usually an easy thing to simply find the file and save it into the vault and that usually re-establishes the link.  Once this process is complete you can check in the files which then allows you to take advantage of all the features in EPDM.


I have this one part, however, in which one of the features was created using the Cavity command.  So when I went to check in this part it natually looked for the part that was used to create the I got the part and put it in the vault.  It still cannot see the part.  I cannot seem to find a way to re-establish the link.  I have both teh assembly and individual part in the vault but I still cannot figure out how to link the files and until I do this it will not let me check the file in.


Anyone have any ideas of this...on how to get EPDM to recognize the file?