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    Failed to Load Results

    Andrew Guardia

      Hello all,


      After running a fluid sim I can view results normaly, and use features like cut plots and flow trajectories. However, when I try to load those results for later review, I always get an error message saying "Failed to Load Results" I also have result folders that I was able to open on another computer, but not this one.


      Solidworks 2010-2011 Student

      Win 7 Ultimate (64)


      Thank you for your time.

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          Rich Bayless



          When you have the open file dialog box displayed, does the summary data for the run show up?  Data such as number of cells, etc?


          Click on the file name in the list of files to display the data. You should then be able to open the results file.


          For example, when you first open the dialog box, '1.fld' will show in the selection box and above in the list of files, but the data is not displayed.  Click above in the list of files on '1.fld' and the data will show, then click on 'open'.  Just because the file is in the selection box upon initial opening, doesn't mean it's actually selected.


          If this isn't your issue, then post some screen shots showing more about your issue.