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    Center Channel

    Charles Reicherrt

      Hello Everybody,

      I have a simple solid part: 4" long, 3" wide, .75" thick.  I simply need to make a 5/8" wide channel, 1/4" deep lengthwise in the center of the part.  I dont know how to get the center of the channel exactly in the center of the part.  I have a center line on the part, but how do I extrude a channel centered?  having a little problem here.

      Thanks for the help


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          David Suelflow

          I would create my main body with a “Center Rectangle” on the Right Plane with the center coincident with the origin.


          See Step 1


          “Extrude” using the “Mid-Plane” option, this keeps the part centered on the origin.


          See Step 2


          Start another sketch on the Right Plane and this time have the center be coincident with the Front Plane and dimension it accordingly.


          See Step 3


          Now do a “Cut Extrude” through all in both directions and voila!


          See Step 4


          BTW… This may have a better home in the “Parts and Features” section of the forum.