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    Drawings, what did I do to make it take so long to save?

    Carter West

      Howdy folks,


      Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there.


      Using SW since 2005.  Currently using 2010 SP0. Windows 7x64 with tons of speed and memory.  System very stable. Using network server all file locations and tools, etc.


      So normally I can make a mulitple sheet drawing and save all day without delay.  I like to save very often because I've been burned big time several times due to SW or Windows problems.  Like every 5 minutes.


      Once in awhile, like this project I'm working on now, has multiple assemblies referenced in the drawing file.  Client needs a single file, with muliple sheets.  I'm up to 15 sheets now.  Ever since I loaded in the assembly, every time I save it takes (no kidding, I've timed it) 3~4 minutes.  Simple math says that if I save (or try to) every 5 minutes, it takes an hour to do a half hour of work.


      By the way.  I've downloaded to local drive; no difference.  I've downloaded to my DELL laptop; no difference.  I'm pretty sure it's something in SW.


      What did I do?



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          James Pare

          Try running the drawing either lightweight or only open the selected sheet you are working on

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            Scott McFadden


            Happy Fathers day to you as well !!! 


            I am going to suggest first that you upgrade to SP 5.0 because there were

            a lot of issues prior to SP3.1

            Once you do that let me know if you are still having the issue.

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                Carter West

                Thanks for the hint Scott,


                I can't update to the "fixed SP" version of SolidWorks because I did not renew my maintenance.  After great debate, my VAR got me a SP4.0 disk.  I installed it, and the very first thing I did was open then close a file to test the system.  SP4.0 completely destroyed the database and I had just lost over 100 hours in a flash.  Not even Dessault support could fix the database and so I removed all traces of SP4.0 and went back running something that will not rob me of another 100 hours.


                So... back to problem at hand.


                All ideas posted so far are good ones.  None work though.  Accidentally, I think I stumbled across the cause of the problem.  I found that if all sheets and all views are set to "draft resolution" that it went back to saving in 3.3 seconds.  Hooray! problem solved.  Not for long though.  What I did to accidentally make it return back to a 3+ minute save was; I first hit CNTL+Q (forced rebuild), then CNTL+S (save).  Doing the save sequence while the rebuild process hadn't finish seems to cause it to go back to slow save.  It must be garbling the database. I think this is possible because in my system, I use an extended keyboard with user defined keys.  I have setup the rebuild and save keystrokes side by side and it is easy to go tap-tap and thus make it try to save during the rebuild (I must slow down, I must slooow dooown).


                Fix is to turn on/off just a couple draft resolutions, don't rebuild, save, exit, restart and back to normal.


                I'll post later today as hopefully I will be finished with this drawing and if my hypothesis is found correct, I'll update results.


                Thanks all


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                Satish Kumar



                Make the views display as Shaded. this will helps reduce file size as well as saving time.