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EPDM, CircuitWorks, Components/Assemblies

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Jun 17, 2011

This is a multi area question.


Since we have still yet to begin with EPDM, and havent begun using CirucitWorks, I'm wondering our best course of action regarding PCB components.


Right now one of the engineers has been transfering the older PCB design assemblies from SolidEdge to SolidWorks. When these were made they had the full components designed in SolidEdge, every little detail. As one can imagine in SW that much detail slows down the assembly and load times. In regards to what everyone else does, should you show components as they are in real life with all the detail, or essentially blocks for size comparison? Or does CircuitWorks actually make assembly models that are considerably reduced in size when the PCB models are brought into a real assembly?


In regards to the components, should the circuitworks library be kept in or out of the vault? And if they are outside the vault, as are my hardware parts, should they just be made to read only so they cannot be tampered with?