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Lock a concentric mate /copy part

Question asked by Sammy Redshaw on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by Sammy Redshaw

I am wondering is there is a option to lock a concentric mate option in mates, this would stop me having to add a planar/ angular mate mate each time to stop a part rotating and would only require me to put 2 mates in . Solid edge had this option. it is not like the lock mate  in solidworks, which permanently lock the part in position in an assembly and won't move if the hole you have mated it to has changed position.

also why can't you copy a part with the assembly and  paste it in the same assembly or another assembly?  Some times parts are reused in an assembly that linear /circular or mirror functions won't apply.Or  it may just  be quick to cut n paste from one assembly to another than search through the pdm data base for it.