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McMaster Carr part properties

Question asked by Jeff Finni on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by Jeff Finni

Hello, I am pretty new to this forum and solidworks in general.


My problem is this; I have to download and use about 300 different bolts from McMaster Carr's website ( preferrably). Then I need to use the majority in a greater assembly as sort of a last step detailing project ( of a big machine if you will).


All the parts I downloaded have there part number as there file name which is good since that is what will be used when finding the dimensions needed for the specific placement in the Assembly.


So the problem is that I need the specific material of each bolt ( which happens to be the same on all 300+ of them) to show up in the BOM, but the parts from Mcmaster car do not have that specified in the solidworks model. I also need a vendor number ( which is the same for all of the parts) and some other Bolt specific specifications such as lenth, width, etc, to show up on the BOM as well.


Is there a way to make this happen without changing each part individually which will take a long time.


If there isn't way to make this happen, which is the best way of going about making the specific info show on the BOM.


Any help is appreciated