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You really CAN teach old dogs new tricks....

Discussion created by Seth Renigar on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by Glenn Schroeder

I just found something powerful that I didn't even know was possible, that blew my mind.  Many of you may already know about this.  However, I've been using SolidWorks full time since 1996, and consider myself a poweruser.  But, I'm just finding this.  So I figured there are likely others that are not aware of this as well.


I have a sketch (sketch1) that I am not editing, but is visable.  I started a new sketch (sketch2), but realized that I wanted to use some of the same sketch geometry from sketch1 (in a different location), but not all of it.  The way I used to do this was to exit sketch2, then edit sketch1, copy the desired geometry, then exit sketch1, edit sketch2, and paste.


I don't know what made me try this.  But, instead of exiting sketch2 to do all that, I simply selected the geometry from the inactive sketch1, copied, and then pasted in sketch2 which I was already editing.  Only the geometry that I selected pasted.  This impressed me.  But it gets better.


Not only did only the selected geometry paste.  All of the relations ALSO pasted with the pasted geometry (Horiz, Vert, Mid, Tan, etc.).  This blew my mind.


We just moved to SW2010 here.  Is this something new?  Or am I just plain slow to the draw on this?