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Hole outlines visible through solid objects?

Question asked by P. Coe on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Shane Edmonds

Dear all,


the outline of a hole or outlines of holes, often show up as visible in Solidworks when I would expect them to be invisible.


This problem occurs in both drawings (on screen and printed) and in rendering of parts and also assemblies (as shown in attached png image file)


Obviously if a part is transparent the hole will show through, but the outlines are visible even through solid metal with the transparency setting

very definitely set to OPAQUE (or whatever the equivalent user interface wording actually happens to be)


When there are one or two holes and I'm creating a drawing to be printed I just go around individually telling each spurious outline to "hide"

but what can I do in an assembly (where the hide function seems less obvious - can't find it)

or where there are so many holes, I don't want have to individually manually switch them on and off (hidden or not) according to

which viewing angle I'm using, or where I've placed other parts.


Any advice welcomed.