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Parametricity and Configurations?

Question asked by Ross B on Jun 15, 2011
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I'm trying to figure out a solution to the follow description.


The problem consists of a triangluar truss and vertical supports. For simplifaction of explanation purposes, the triangle is a right triangle. The hypotenuse of the triangle drive the size of the truss. The vertical supports are on the interior of the triangle spaced at 35.00in O.C..


The angles will never change, so I have made "support.sldprt" with configurations "size 1", "size 2", etc.. , and the part file generates a different length for each instance of the same part in the bill of materials based on the configuration.


I can put the supports in the truss @ 35" O.C., no problem.


The problem that occurs is when I incrase or decrease the size of the truss, the number (quanitity) of supports remains the same.


I want the number (quantity) of supports to change (+1/-1, etc) when I change the dimension of the hypotenuse member.


I would like this to remain on a parts level to maintain my pretty bill of materials. My final assembly so far does not include weldments, only parts and lengths driven by equations.




I have a similar assembly file, that attaches to the truss member, that has purlins. The number (quantity) of perlins is also driven by the length of the truss hypotenuse, using a linear pattern and IIF statements in the equations.


"D1@LocalLPattern1" = IIF ( "D5@Sketch1"<120,2,IIF ( "D5@Sketch1"<180,3,IIF ( "D5@Sketch1"<240,4,IIF ( "D5@Sketch1"<300,5,IIF ( "D5@Sketch1"<360,6,5)))))


This was rather easier beacuse each of the purlins was an exact reproduction of the patterned part.



The problem I have having now is that each vertical support is a different length, and as far as I know it can't be patterned to be driven by equations with each member having a different configuration.


How can I solve this and keep my BOM looking pretty @ the parts level?


Thanks for any help.


Best Regards,