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DriveworksXpress Filenaming Issue

Question asked by Mike Konyak on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

Good morning everyone,


Well through these discussion boards I have fugured out the way to remove the master model completely with the "*" trick.  Now that I am moving on I am having an issue with the drawings.  I would like for the part/assembly drawing to have the same name as the new part/assembly drawing.


Example:  The new assembly after being run through DriveworksXpress is MOD-BASE-ASSY-M3-12345.  The drawing is showing Mod Base Assembly MOD-BASE-ASSY-M3-12345.  I'm guessing that there is a way to completely remove the master model drawing name just like the rule for the assembly itself?





   Mike K.