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Can't minimize preview window in PV360 2011

Question asked by Dave Klimas on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by Dave Klimas

Just upgraded to 2011. New Win7x64 machine, nVidia Quadro 6000 with cert. driver.


Previously in 2010 I could start a final render, minimize the Photo360 window, and continue working on other models within SolidWorks.


With the integration of PV360 in 2011 I can minimize the final render window and let it do it's thing, but I can not minimize or close the preview window and continue working in SolidWorks. Is this normal to have to wait for the Final Render to be complete before I can continue working on my model? If I try to continue working in SW the preview window wants to stay on top and in the way.


Also, I want to render in perspective view but I don't want to model in perspective view. How do I turn on perspective for PV360 and off for SW at the same time?