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How important is a Fully Defined Sketch?

Question asked by Tim R on Jun 14, 2011
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I just had an intense/heated discussion with our Engineering manager about how important a fully defined sketch is.  I like it when my sketches are fully defined, but I never saw it as a "FAIL" if they were not. I tru to define my sketch to fully defined as much as possible, but if discovering how to fully define it without over defining took longer than it should.  I left it as such.  Our Engineering manager feels that every sketch/part we do needs to have a sketch that is fully defined and extremely easy to edit.  To the point that he will not allow a part that doesn't have a fully defined sketch to be checked into our PDM Vault.  How important in your opinion is it to have a fully defined sketch in a part?  a Requirement?  I always felt that as long as the part functions as it should, not every element in a sketch needed to be fully defined.   Have I been mistaken for about 5 years, since I began using Solidworks?   Thanks in advance for your feedback.