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[Question]How to decouple movement?

Question asked by Victor Zhang on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

Using solidworks 2010 (because we only have 2010 in the university)


1 - How do I make one part doesn't have back-force to the first parts. Like in attachment 1 - Mechenic.png, How do I make endless screw can control the sliding component but the sliding component not be able to drag by mouse?


2 - A chain like this(Mechenic_02.png)how do I make the next segment do not affect the parent segment? (a large assembly with many flexible parts always encounter movement error if the movements are not decoupled)


3 - When I trying limit distance and angle at the same time (like an X structure), I always get error "overdefine" and infact the parts can still be moved and not fully defined yet when I try to limit another parameter, it always says "overdefine".


Many thanks.