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    EPDM Batch Export

    Chad Garrish

      Is there an existing add in or solution for batch export of drawings for a selected assembly or parent document.


      The export task only exports the selected file and does not have an option to do only drawings


      The Print task has this functionality... but is a print.  I have thought of using a PDF printer app, but this requires the user to name each file export.


      The knowledgebase makes mention of a batch export, but I am not sure if this is an EPDM add in that is readily available.

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          John Picinich



          You can use the EPDM  "Copy Tree" command to accomplish this task.


          - John

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            Lou Gallo

            Here is a odd workaround without having to code:


            - Create your eDrawing export with the destination and make sure all the options are not modified by the user

            - Close the task

            - Reopen the task go to Conversion Options, Advanced Scripting and copy all the script text to the clipboard.  Then switch the "Task User Interface" to Print.

            - Close the task

            - Reopen the task, go to Files and make sure your reference options are set.  Then go to Advanced Scripting and paste the Conversion script into the Script Window.

            - Close the task


            Since you set the variable for the task when it was in Convert, it remembers them and when you lauch the task, now a print task, it shows the user interface.  Just ignore the page size and orientation options and hit ok.  This will now generate the eDrawings to your specificed location and give you an window to select files in the reference tree to perform the action on.


            Does not allow for user interaction but does create the eDrawings in Batch.  I hope this is added to EPDM as a new task.  Makes sense that it is not in there since you can trigger these tasks from the workflow.  Since the workflow grabs the reference tree for SW files, it could cause some issues if the task is trying to create a batch of the top level when all the files are triggering the task.