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Basic Sketching Troubles

Question asked by Charlie Broon on Jun 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by Doug Seibel

Hello All,


New to solidworks and looking forward to learning a lot here. i'm playing around with sketches and here are a few of my observations / troubles


1. if you have created several separate sketches, and you go and edit a sketch, all sketches that came afterwards, disappear from the graphics display. this is somewhat counter intuitive if i want to align a sketch to another sketch, i always have to choose the latest sketch.


2. whenever you draw a multiple line path, each line is really separate. is there a way to CONNECT or GROUP these lines, so that maybe I can move them all together?


3. moving and aligning. This is where the most basic frustrations have come up. I have 2 sketches. one a circle, one a profile. they are misaligned and free in space.


the profile, i am trying to align at a tangent point to the circle in order to do a sweep around the circle. this task seems easy enough. please confirm if I have these steps correct.


from the top view, I must


1. using dimensions, align the profile with the center of the circle.

2. using geometric relations, make the circle coincident with the profile.


at this point, i am aligned with the top view, but the 2 sketches are still not connected. i try to do the same from the front view, and I get nowhere.


then i wonder, why does it require so many steps just to achieve this basic setup? something is off, and i believe i may be missing something fundamental. in all other 3d applications, there are instant snapping and aligning features. I know there is a quicksnaps feature, but it looks like that only applies to when I first draw the sketch. Here I am concerned with moving and aligning after the fact.



Looking forwarding to clearning some of these things up.