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How to keep neutrally between member and reseller?

Question asked by Yoshihiro DOBASHI on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by Yoshihiro DOBASHI


I think that we must keep neutrally between our committee's member and reseller of SolidWorks.

We must build healthy relashionship with reseller.

As you think,we have healthy relashionship with resseler now.

But i think, for example,

There is a probllem that we give the giveaway or the equipment from the particuler reseller.

If we need the equipment in our meeting or event , I think we must give the equipment from the SolidWorksJapan with neutrally.

I want to hear your opinion.


It is another issue.

According to the Guidline of SWUGN , We must not use the reseller sight when we host a meeting or event.


Yoshihiro Dobashi