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Ok I'm Going Crazy - How Do You Turn Off Auto Update of Equations???

Question asked by J. F on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by J. F

Okay, I thought it was kind of cool and clever at first


And yes, I did a stupid 'save as' mistake which screwed up a load of relations. I was calm, I started to methodically sort it out.


Even when it started, I did my usual tricks to get round it.


But now it is TOOOOOOO MUCH!


Solidworks is auto inputting equations between parts in my assembly: I have deleted a dimension and re-insterted it, and Solidworks has inserted an equation for it, which has totally screwed things up. I can handle one or two, I have found ways round it, but it has gone on for hours now.


I just want to turn off the auto-update setting....  p-p-p-please, somebody......


I am going to cry....




I did do a forum search - I never find anything related when I search - any tips on this too also welcome...


Here's a pic to make you laugh or cry