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Tangency with Splines

Question asked by Brent Zartman on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by Brent Zartman

Maybe this is my inexperience, but this seems inconsistant and just plain weird.

Is there a way to create tangency with a spline between other sketch entities? Here's the situation. I want to create a 3 point spline with a spiral attached tangent to each endpoint. So, I opened a sketch, draw a 3 pt spline with the center coincident to the origin then continue to fully define the sketch. Exit the sketch, start a new one... since that is how you have to draw a helix/spiral... I put in a simple circle and it wont allow me to apply tangency to the spline. I called the VAR and their solution was to open the original sketch and offset the spline at a distance of the radius of the circle of the other sketch, then make the circle center coincident to the offset spline. This works. OK great. But heres the weirdness. I found that I can make lines, arcs, circles, and new splines tangent to the offset spline...  WHAT?? but not the original? Is this a bug? Can anyone explain this, or at least justify the peculiar behavior? I have included an example for reference (SW2011 sp03). As a watch out warning with splines, tangency, in this case, seems to be anchored to where you click, and not the entire curve.