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BOM will not update unless I close the file!

Question asked by David Massner on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

This is a very frustrating problem... I have multiple drawings with your basic exploded and ballooned views, linked to same page BOM tables (SolidWorks generated, not Excel). I usually make all of my assemblies and drawings and views before actually inputing part numbers and descriptions into the individual parts because I usually don't get the part numbers until way after the fact. That said, I have arbitrary descriptions and part numbers in the BOM when I first import the assemblies into the drawings.


     Here is the issue:

When I open a part from the BOM table to edit the configuration name and properties to match the proper BOM description and part number, then save the part, my BOM in the drawing does not update to reflect these changes.  "Automatic update of BOM" is checked in document properties, so that isn't the issue. Even after a rebuild, a force regen, a rebuild of the individual part, or a rebuild of the entire assembly, the BOM refuses to update to the new changes. None of the parts in the assembly are set to lightweight or speedpak. The ONLY way to get the BOM to update right now is to completely exit the drawing and open it again, at which point I am notified that the configurations of whatever parts I modified no longer exist and the new ones will be used.


Is anybody else having this issue??? SW 2011 SP3.0.