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BOM qty header/column property - how to not display config name

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by Paul Salvador

How do you not display the configuration name in the BOM Qty header/column property.  When I create a BOM for the drawing it displays the configuration name exploded in the column property header.  I want it to only display QTY.  I have gone into the column property manager and manually edited the Title field, and also tried highlighting and changing directly from the bom on the sheet.  Both temporarily change from Exploded/QTY to QTY as desired but next time I open the drawing or make a change in the assembly it reverts back?


How do I change column property to display QTY only and keep the change.


Thanks for your help.


Also, still using 2007 and I know... upgrade, but not a solution or viable option at this time.