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Meeting Notes - 6/9/11

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Jun 10, 2011

We had a small turn out on the night that the Mavericks went up 3 to 2 over the Heat!!!


Meeting Notes:

Mark Lyons - DraftSight - replaces DWGEditor (buggy) - Premium Service version isn't free but you get phone support, email support, 5 licenses network and API ($250 per seat with 5 seats minimum) - SWUM (See What You Mean) community support (join for free) looks a lot like the SolidWorks forums but you can't get to it from SW forum - DraftSight uses the same menus as AutoCAD - there's a YouTube channel with training videos - - for example, there is no array command, DraftSight calls it "pattern" but the software automatically converts when you type it (in fact there is an editable alias file) - supports multiple screens - supports mouse gestures like SolidWorks (4 or 8 commands) - it is actually 3D (accepts Z coordinates) - no associativity even if you used "object snaps" to create geometry - has a cool geometric tolerance wizard - scripts are usable the free version - Premium can use a "massaged version" of AutoLisp programs - DraftSight is on facebook as well
Ronald Plummer - cool command I have never seen called: "insert, curve, curve x,y,z points" - SYCODE is an after market addon ($250) to bring in points - this was a wonderful discussion of how Ronald has worked with 3D points and some of the things that worked and didn't work
Enjoy your summer - see you in the fall!!!