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SolidWorks Motion - Tutorials Wish List

Question asked by Hari Padmanabhan Employee on Jun 9, 2011

In SolidWorks, I have the opportunity to work with an intern to come up with 2 or more  tutorials for Solidworks Motion in the next couple of months. I want to get help from all the motion users out there on any particular tutorial example they might have for SolidWorks Motion. (NOT Animation or Basic Motion please).


At this time I'm looking for ideas on what topics need to be covered so that this can help a new user to get jump started on Motion. (Note: we are not planning to offset what you can get from training with your resellers). Just some basic tutorials on various aspects of the motion product to get jump started with the product. Here are some initial ideas where I have seen some user struggle with:

- Working with Redudancies

- Working with motors and contacts

- Working with result dependent functions


Please share the topics you think are good candidates for tutorials. If you have any files or instruction materials which might help us please post those as well. If we do end up using your material we will definitely acknowledge your name in the tutorial.


If everything goes smoothly the plan is to post these tutorials as part of the product documentation in the forthcoming releases.


Thanks in advance for all the help in this matter.


Hari Padmanabhan

SolidWorks Product Defintion - Motion and Simulation