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SW2011 SP1.0 Dual Dimension Brackets Wrong Length When Zoomed In

Question asked by M. B. on Jun 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by M. B.

As a contractor I recently started using SW2011 from 2010.  I've noticed that when dual dimension display is on and I am zoomed in tight in a sketch the bracket tails are proportionally too long and look like lines that extend to the right and left of the alternate dimension value.  I tried different fonts but nothing changed.  I manually put a left and right bracket on both sides of the dimension and those brackets displayed correctly.  Sketches with lots of dimensions are extremely cluttered when zoomed in but look OK when zoomed out.  It seems to be the ratio of the bracket tails which makes the length of the tails very short when zoomed out but extremely long when zoomed in.  This does not happen on SW2010 SP5.0.


Any Ideas what is causing this?