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    Sheet Properties & Text Edits

    Michael Maz

      Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help me with a few issues I have come across. When I try to change the current drawing sheet, How do I add my custom sheet to the standard format section? If I untick the box all the sheet templates do show up but I dont want to keep scrolling through all of them to get to my custom one. Hope this makes sense.




      2. Does anyone know hoow I can change the font in the whole drawing or do I have to change it manually?


      3. If I have 20 drawings with the same template style and I want to change the revision in the bottom corners, how can I automate this? Is there something like a batch copy similar to the actions in adobe illustrator?


      Any help welcome.



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          James Moynagh

          (Point 1) I need to check more into this, I thought i'd the answer but when I went to check i've the same issue as you. There is the options of saving your custom sheets in the same folder as where the standard sheets are saved. Then on the screen you show if you untick the "Only show standard format" box this will show everything. I had thought that I had my system set up to bring up just my custom templates which I have saved in my own folder, however it looks like when I usgraded to 2011 it went back to default. Mybe it was always like this as  never change my sheet sizes once I start my drawing.

          When you first bring up your drawing templates does it give you your custom drawings?


          (Point 2) Have you changed this and then save dyour drawing template?


          (Point 3) Not sure what your on about here.

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            Keith McDonald

            Do you need the other templates that show in the list? If not, put your custom sheet formats in a seperate folder and set the file location path to that folder and remove the existing one. You may need to unselect "only show standard format".