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    FlowExpress hates me...help!

    Charles Warren

      So I wanted a crude visual of the mixing in an open vessel.  I capped the input and output ports, and lidded the 'open' part of the vessel, so now I have a fully enclosed fluid path.  I ran the wizard and set input flow at 10in3/sec and outlet pressure at 14.7lbf/in2 (1 atmosphere) and it simulated just fine.


      Made a couple of minor geometry changes and cannot for the life of me get the wizard to run again with this file, but other files are fine.  I deleted the fxp1 folder and it made no difference.  When I click the FlowXpressWizard button, it darkens and lightens and nothing happens.  Arrggh.


      Saving as copy and then trying to run the flo wizard on that part doesn't work either.  Am I missing something?

      Sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks in advance for any help!


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          Deepak Gupta

          Do you get any error message? What if you delete the complete study and start again? What is you SW version, OS and other system details? Can you post the file to test?



          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.

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              Charles Warren


              I get no error message, just a 2-sec hourglass cursor and then nothing.  It's SW2011 SP3, running under Win7 64-bit, on a SW-certified Lenovo W510 notebook.

              I wish I could post the part, but it is proprietary so not an option.


              Apparently Floxpress stores things inside the part file as well as to a folder called 'fxp1' which contains several files and any JPG snapshots taken of the results.  Deleting this folder didn't help things.  Moving my part file to a new directory and trying again resulted in the same behavior of not launching the wizard prompts.


              I did a repair of the solidworks installation, and got a copy of the part file to work for 2 rounds of simulation.  I'm going to play more today, hopefully it stays fixed.

              Thanks for the help, I'll post back what happens.


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                  Charles Warren

                  Well, the repair of SW did the trick, I've been able to re-run the simulation and start new ones on copies of the part, etc, so the behaviour is back to normal.

                  I'll keep the configurations idea in mind, that multiple configs can each have a sim in the same part file...makes sense, I just didn't think of it.

                  Thanks guys!


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                Rich Bayless



                (I don't normally use Flow Express, so YMMV.)


                Flow stores the flow setup information inside the solidworks part file, not under any sub folders.


                To get a fresh flow setup, create a new configuration.  With the new configuration active, try again with the Flow wizard.