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FlowExpress hates!

Question asked by Charles Warren on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by David Kimberley

So I wanted a crude visual of the mixing in an open vessel.  I capped the input and output ports, and lidded the 'open' part of the vessel, so now I have a fully enclosed fluid path.  I ran the wizard and set input flow at 10in3/sec and outlet pressure at 14.7lbf/in2 (1 atmosphere) and it simulated just fine.


Made a couple of minor geometry changes and cannot for the life of me get the wizard to run again with this file, but other files are fine.  I deleted the fxp1 folder and it made no difference.  When I click the FlowXpressWizard button, it darkens and lightens and nothing happens.  Arrggh.


Saving as copy and then trying to run the flo wizard on that part doesn't work either.  Am I missing something?

Sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks in advance for any help!