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    Import and modify ProE file

    Marco Wu



      I have a model which my boss wants me to modify. It is in ProE format, but I need to modify it in Solidworks. I import the file into Solidworks. But the part become "surface-imported" and I have no clue how to edit this. Please help


      PLease open the Kafo_original1 to see the model


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          Scott McFadden

          Hi Marco,

          I didn't open up your file, but based on what you said, do you kjnow what version

          of Pro-E this file is coming from?  And what version of SW are you running?

          I asked because SW has the ability to open up Pro-E files directly which might

          give you better results.  See if you can get the actual Pro-E file.

          Then in in the SW open screen, select the down arrow and look for Pro-E as the

          file type. Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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            Jerry Steiger



            It sounds like SW ran into a problem with the ProE model and couldn't build a solid. Try running the Import Diagnostics on the part. You might be able to get a solid model if SW can repair the bad faces and edges that it finds. If you can't, then you may have to make the repairs yourself. This can get very painful. You will probably have to remove faces (using Delete Face) that cause problems and replace them with new faces that you make in SW, possibly with zzzFill Surface, Planar Surface, Boundary Surface, or Loft Surface.


            When you finally get a solid model, it will still be a "dumb solid". It won't have any features that you can edit. If you need to modify features, then you can try running FeatureWorks, which will add intelligence (features) to the model. This works for fairly simple parts, but isn't much use for complex organic shapes.


            Jerry Steiger

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              Paul Salvador

              ..something like this,.. no easy way.. you maybe lucky exporting the asm or prt's as STEP or, you're probably limited to a IGES with the student version?

              otherwise,..  you have to manually repair the missing boundaries.. 

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                  Marco Wu

                  Does iges a standard format of drawing?

                  Does any standard format, like the ASCII in computer file, in computer aided drawing?

                  I want to export my ProE file to a standard one, so SW will be able to read it

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                    Mike Price

                    You are not going to get a good solid from your exporting exercise it looks like.  Import your native ProE files by opening them directly in SW with the settings below.  I used "lower_half10" and then you right click on one of your failed surfaces and run Import Diagnostics.  Click "Attempt to Heal All" and the gaps will be healed and you'll get solid bodies.  There will still be issues with the faces, but at least you'll have a solid model then.  If you want to have a single solid body per part, you are going to have to do some work.......


                    If you can post a WF 4.0 professional file (you can save as a professional), but that's almost impossible as you would need the native ProE files in WF 4.0 to begin with.


                    Another thing you can try, which is a long shot, but export the step file as a solid from ProE.  Import it back into ProE and then try to open up with SW.  Or you can try to export it again as a solid step.


                    Lastly, your geometry isn't that difficult and now might be a good time to learn a little more about building surfaces in SW.  It's not as hard as you may think it is on your parts.



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