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Is it possible to automatically correct part numbers in the feature manager?

Question asked by Douglas Matlock on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by Wayne Tiffany

Before I ask, I have to admit that I am still using 2010 (company was bought by much larger international corporation and it seems to take an act of congress to install software).


Have you noticed that if you do a Pack & Go to an assembly and rename the parts during the process, the feature manager still lists the old part numbers?  I have been using SW so long now I know not to trust these part numbers.  However, I recently was allowed to hire another engineer (that also has many years of SW??) but he can't seem to get past the part number issues in the feature manager.  Short of going into each line item in the feature manager and making sure the component name matches the saved file name, is there some macro you all are using to fix this?  Or, even better, is there simply a switch I need to throw to make this happen?