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Surface Plot Temperature Abnormality

Question asked by Kevin Markell on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by Kevin Markell

I've recently simulated 3 semiconductor heat sources on a PCB which is attached to a heat sink. The fluid_temp_plot.png picture shows the fluid temperature at the PCB fluid/solid interface. The solid_temp_plot.png shows the solid temperature at the same interface. Note that in the fluid temperature plot the three semiconductor sources can be seen as colder rectangles.


My question is: Why does the solid surface temperature plot have two abnormalities shown in red? These two abnormalities (in red) are messing up the maximum temperature of that surface, and are not allowing me to accurately calculate solderpoint temperature.


Essentially, the surface of the solid is showing an error, but the fluid does not show the same error. Any ideas?


Some other setup details.

The PCB material is setup as Axisymmetrical/Biaxial with standard PCB properties.

All semiconductor chips are mated to the PCB without contact resistance.