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What is the best software for creating custom decals to use in SW?

Question asked by Mike Sackmary on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by Mike Sackmary

I need to be able to creat custom logos, etc which I then apply to the surfaces of my Solidworks models. What software do you recommend that works well? I have tried Corel Paintshop, MS Paint, Powerpoint and even Word. The lines all look crisp and correct. The text looks great. Then  I import into Photoworks and applay as a decal to the model's surface. Even when I use the 'selective color mask' tool, I still get a lot of white and light gray pixels in the background of my decal. See examples below. Can anyone please recommend what software I should be working with that can talk to SW/Photoworks? Thanks!


In these examples below, I am showing the Part to which the decal is applied both with and without the Brass appearance applied.