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    Creating a Cut Plot Animation (Scenario) from Transient Data

    Brendan Labrecque

      I am having issues creating a scenario based cut plot animation using the transient data from a time dependent analysis.  There are instructions in the flow help menu that I am following, but i can't seem to get the the control points (nodes) to be on the same line as the cut plot line in the time window.  So when I play the animation, nothing is shown.  The nodes are also the yellow-brown color, indicating a broken reference.  Although, the properties show that the path name to the fld file is correct. What do I need to fix to make this work?

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          Paul Becker

          Your description is a bit confusing, because mates and relations aren't involved in the animation.  Maybe I'm not reading your post correctly.  Here are the steps.


          With your single time step loaded (.FLD), create a plot that you wish to animate through all time steps - cut plot or other type.


          Choose animate from the right-click menu of that plot.


          When the animation window appears, click on the animation wizard icon (looks like a camcorder I believe.)


          Choose the option to clear all tracks (I'm doing this from memory, so I might be off on the verbage.)


          Chose Scenario as the type and time range - default would be total duration of the study.


          After accepting this option, you will see that the timeline has a line with keyframes coinciding to each time step.  Under this will be the available plots that you can include in the transient animation.


          Choose the plot that you wish to include and right click at the start point (usually time = 0) to create a key.  You should then be able to drag your mouse and create a time bar that extends to the point where you wish the animation to end (usually the end of the study.)


          If you accidentially drag past the end of the study, the main time bar may also extend itself past the available data.  Just click and drag it back to the correct position.


          You are then ready to play your animation.  If you click the green check mark instead of the play button, the animation will be saved under the animations heading on your study tree.  Of course,  you can also save it out as a video.


          You can follow the same process to create an animation of another plot that plays concurrently.


          Hope this helps.