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    Asterisk bubble number...not your normal reason!

    John Lindemann

      I cannot get a toolbox part to have  the correct bubble number on a drawing.  The number is showing up as an  asterisk, it is not excluded from BOM and the view is tied to the correct BOM.   The assembly has multiple configurations and this particular part is only used  in two out of the five configurations.  If I leave the part unsupressed in all  configs then the bubble shows the correct number.  When I suppress the part in  the other configurations then the bubble goes to an asterisk.


      In my efforts to figure out what is going on I changed the “Balloon Text” to show “Quantity” and  it showed me a -1…I think that might be a problem!  Alternatively if I select  the checkbox to show quantity then it shows the correct quantity of  1.


      I have  tried:

      1. Rebooting
      2. Using a different  computer
      3. Deleting the BOM  and creating a new one
      4. Deleting the view  and creating a new one
      5. Deleting the part  and putting in a new one
      6. Bubbling on a  different view


      Nothing has worked, please  help.