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Saving all parts/subassemblies in an assembly in a single folder in one move?

Question asked by Graham Milne on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by Wayne Tiffany

Hi all,


I'm a fairly new Solidworks user so forgive me for asking what is probably a question that has been answered many times. I'm not sure what the correct nomenclature is so I can't effectively search for the answer.


I have an assembly that contains a large number of parts which are all stored in one folder.


I have now made a second assembly, which also references those same parts. However I want the two assemblies to be independent, so that if I modify any one of the parts for one assembly, it doesn't cause conflict with the second assembly.


Therefore, when I create and save my second assembly, is there a way to automatically save it so that ALL constituent parts and sub-assemblies are copied over to the new folder?


I don't want to copy and rename individual files if I can help it - there's too many of them for that to be practical.