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Close corner issue!!

Question asked by Clint Stahl on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by Erik Bilello

Does anyone know if it's possible to close the corner on this part. I know at first glance this seems like a close corner job but not in this case. Instead of having to fool around with sketches and tabs and extrudes in flat pattern, is there a way to close this corner? It is not all one piece. It's a side on a main body. It's all one sheet metal part part but multi-body. I have to weld sides to the main body because my brake dies cannot bend the 8inch flanges if i made all one body. I also want to tig weld it so the gap has to be very small. Please share your ideas because I'm out of them. I can't figure out why closed corner shouldn't work in this case. Wish they'd make it so that it does. I know it should be easier then adding a tab and then closing it in flat pattern.


If you look at picture open corner2, by looking at the bottom of the part you will see that one side has the bend and one side is seperate. That's where the issue lies.


Any help is more then greatly appreciated