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    "Smoothing" a surface

    Jakub Kwiecinski



      I recently imported an object into solidworks from an STL file.  As such, the surface of my object is constructed of triangles (b/c of the conversion from STL).  Is there any way to "smooth" my object in solidworks now that it is a SLDPRT file?


      Any help is appreciated!  I've attached a screen shot for reference...i'm really after as smooth a surface as possible, and unfortunetly, how the object is now won't do.





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          David Mandl

          Are you or your firm creating the part scans yourself?  If so, you might want to invest in a software package that will help you compare the scan point cloud to a .prt/.sldprt file.  I've used Geomagic for reverse engineering in the past, and I thought it was a very effective way to check my work as I go along.


          In other words, I don't know any automatic ways to smooth out a surface.  There might be some API wizards out there who can use your point cloud with the Freeform surface command to create a custom formed surface, but that's beyond my capabilities.  My only method is the tried-and-true "import the .stl file and try to build a .prt file that looks just like it" method.  In that case, I hope you're good at surfacing...

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            Matt Lombard

            SolidWorks Premium has an addin called ScanTo3D which will make a smooth NURBS surface from the data. Or, if the part is as simple as it looks, you may want to just have someone remodel it in SW.