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PV360 Enhancement Requests

Question asked by Kieran Choy on May 31, 2011

Just thought I'd make a list of some ER's specifically related to PV360. Please vote for them through the Customer Portal if you think they're worthwhile.


SPR 581943 - Ability to include fog in the light appearances to be visible in the PhotoView 360 rendering (not my wording)


Ability for illuminated materials to be fog lights


SPR 583206 - Add depth cue to PhotoView 360


Depth cue was available in Photoworks - it's a greyscale image showing the depth of objects in the scene. You can use it as a mask in Photoshop, and then use the mask in the Camera Blur filter - this is much more controllable, and gives a much better, and faster result than DOF in PV360. If anyone wants a video of how it works, let me know.


If you have of your own ER's, feel free to add them so we can  vote for them. Please post the SPR number - if it is an SR number it has  not been vetted by the Dev team yet and will not show up in a search.