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.dll not a valid Assembly

Question asked by Thomas Sherer on May 31, 2011

Hello all,


I've been developing an addin for my department, and everything has been going fairly well. I've been spending a good deal of time adding functionality to this addin, typically with user forms, since I've shyed away from the Property Manager Pages. My current addin, had been generating an error that stated : "ADDIN_NAME.dll" is not a valid assembly. This error occurred once, and then went away on the second build of the .dll, and I was told that this does happen with addins and is not a big issue. Unfortunately, in my travels today, the error does not go away on the second build, but I still get my output .dll file as expected. Has anyone seen this, or should I even be concerned about it? I really don't know what to think but it scares me that I could have damaged my previous work in some way. If this is an issue, does anyone know what could possibly make a .dll invalid?


Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.